Stephanie Yanez is a Jpop music artist who has been touring the US and Japan since she won AX Idol at Anime Expo which led to her working with NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan where she recorded music at Paramount Studios and released an album at all major record stores. She has worked with many Japanese, Anime, and Gaming companies throughout her music career. She released an original song “Ultimate Miku World” with CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, INC in collaboration with famous Japanese Vocaloid Hatsune Miku for gaming site TinierMe. She has also released an original song “A Thousand Years From Now” for music rhythm game Lanota. Stephanie has numerous original albums and cover albums in Japanese and English which are all on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. She is also a TV/Internet personality and is known for her hosting on TV as the Tokyo Reporter where she starred in Anime Select’s Comcast On Demand documentary and Japan travel series “Crazy Sexy Tokyo”. She also does runway/print modeling and collaborates with many Japanese and American Anime/Gaming/Kawaii/Pop Culture companies on various projects as a content creator. She has worked with San-X, Crypton Future Media, galaxxxy, Sanrio, Aniplex, NBC Universal Entertainment Japan, Geneon, IVE Sound, Broccoli, Gcrest, Victor Entertainment, Ingram, BoxLunch, Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, Pompompurin, Forever21, Disney, Her Universe, Hot Topic, Level-5, Nintendo, Yokai Watch, Loot Crate, GKIDS, Universal Home Entertainment, Viz Media, NX on Netflix, Carebears, Tokyopop, Anime Selects, Comcast On Demand, ACDC Rag, Listen Flavor, Tune in Tokyo, Creatorsguild, Vapor95, JapanUp!, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California, Mitsuwa, KTLA, Studio Ghibli, ABYStyle USA, Stunned Mind, Entertainment Earth, Shu Uemura, Shop Atsuko, Lumica USA, Kiddleton Kiosk, Okayama Kobo, etc on numerous projects.

JPOPアーティストのステファニー・ヤネーズはアニメ・エキスポのアニメ・アイドルコンテストを優勝し、米国と日本で歌手として活動している。ゲームサイトのTinierMeで、初音ミクと共演の “Ultimate Miku World”をリリース。他に、リズムゲーム Lanotaのオリジナル曲の “A Thousand Years From Now”を含め、多くのオリジナル曲とカバー曲を iTunes, Amazon, Spotify等でリリースしている。テレビとインターネットのパーソナリティーとしても活躍している。Comcastのオン・ディマンドシリーズの “Crazy Sexy Tokyo” に出演し。プリントやランウェイのモデルとして活動し、複数の米国と日本の会社のコンテンツクリエイターとコラボを果たしている。